Ad company donates billboard for Renton man in need of a kidney

RENTON, Wash. -- There's a new billboard on state Route 169, but it's not advertising a product. It's for a Renton man searching for the gift of life.

Binh Tran had a heart attack in 2014, and his kidney began to fail shortly after.

The father, grandfather, former naval officer and Boeing engineer has been undergoing dialysis twice a week and now his family says his health has gotten poor.

He needs a kidney transplant to save his life.

"I need a new kidney because I want to spend more time with my family," Tran told Q13 News.

He added he wants to be around to watch his grandkids grow up and as an engineer, he loves tutoring them in math.

Tran's daughter said when she reached out to billboard advertising company, Lamar, to buy a billboard she not only got what she asked for, but it came with no charge.

"They gave it to me in hopes that it would help find a kidney donor for my dad," Jeannie wrote a website set up for her dad.

"In this world, right now, people like Korbe and his team at Lamar give us all hope that the world still cares about people. My family and our hearts are all overwhelmed by their generosity."

Korbe Palmer, Lamar's Seattle/Tacoma General Manager said he was moved by Tran's story and thought "the family had more important things to spend their money on."

Lamar donates millions in ad space annually to non-profits, both large and small.

The Tran family says their main goal is to find their father a kidney in the next few weeks, but also to educate others on the importance of being an organ donor.

If you'd like to help, you can get in touch with the family at

The billboard can be seen going North on I-405 or on your way to Maple Valley off SR 169.