Accused Mukilteo shooter texted friend 'I'm killing everyone at a huge party,' court documents allege

MUKILETEO, Wash. – The man accused of killing three people and shooting two more at a house party in Mukilteo last month sent a number of texts to friends in which he discussed possibly killing his ex-girlfriend, including one as he lay in wait outside the house, charging documents allege.

Allen Ivanov is charged with three counts of aggravated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first degree-murder in the July 30 shootings that killed his ex-girlfriend, Anna Bui, as well as Jake Long and Jordan Ebner.

According to the charging documents, which were filed Friday in Snohomish County Superior Court, Ivanov’s final text message read “I’m 2 minutes from shooting,” thought he actual shooting happened about 90 minutes later.

According to the documents:

Ivanov bought the weapon he used in the shooting about a week beforehand. He texted a friend “I’m a shooter,” identifying himself as “Allen Ivanov ‘Future Shooter.”

When the friend asked why, Ivanov replied “I hate Anna I need revenge.”

In an exchange with another friend, Ivanov said he “might shoot some bitches.” When the friend asked who, Ivanov replied “a lot man.”

Ivanov had told police he bought the weapon for target shooting, citing a gun-safety course he signed up for. But texts the morning of the shooting suggest he signed up for the class to become a more proficient shooter so he could kill Bui.

“I’m gonna give it a good two weeks,” one text message reads. “If nothing happens, I’m going for it. Hast (sic) to be after Aug 8th tho so I can take that gun class so I don’t mess up.”

When the friend suggested Ivanov forget about Bui and go deer hunting instead, Ivanov allegedly wrote “no. I’m killing everyone at a huge party.”

Detectives said Ivanov waited outside the home for about two hours, and was finally spurred to action after he saw Bui playfully feeding a male partygoer. Earlier in the day, he had seen Bui, and Bui was adamant that they remain broken up.

Detectives said Ivanov told them “I felt like it wasn’t necessarily fair to me.”