A tiny bulldog puppy trying to howl like a big grown-up bulldog & 4 other must see videos on the internet today

1.  What's cuter than a tiny little puppy?  How about a tiny little puppy trying to howl in a tiny little voice?

2.  While we are on the topic of cute, how about a toddler playing catch with a dolphin!  Watch it, you'll love it.

3. Remember that video that went viral a couple years ago of the anchor team's secret handshake during commercial breaks?  They've been practicing.  It now spans multiple commercial breaks and has become INCREDIBLY elaborate.

4.  Have you heard the one about the Aussie who started a dance party on a light rail train?  - now you have.

5.  Exasperated dad shoots YouTube instructional video for his teenage kids:  How to load the dishwasher