A tale of two neighbors stranded after flooding in Fall City

FALL CITY, Wash. -- Six inches of rain fell in 24 hours, causing the Snoqualmie River to flood.

On Tuesday afternoon, many roads across Carnation, Snoqualmie and Fall City were still closed and some people were stuck in their homes.

“Island Buschman, I guess that’s what you could call it,” Stacy Buschman said.

Her Fall City home feels like an island with no easy way out.

“We are stuck now,” Buschman said.

Buschman's family is new to Washington.

“I never thought it would actually flood,” Buschman said.

But it did.

The garage is under water, their truck is stuck and Buschman’s three kids couldn`t get to school Tuesday.

“They are playing Monopoly and different board games,” Buschman said.

“They look like they are doing OK; they are pretty sturdy people,” neighbor Victoria Engbarth said.

On the other side of the water, Buschman`s neighbor is also stuck.

“I’m totally out of my house until the water goes down,” Engbarth said.

Engbarth shares this driveway with the Buschman family. Even as a longtime Fall City resident,  the fast current took her by surprise Monday.

“This really came up suddenly, when they say stage 4, I know it’s time to get out of here,” Engbarth said.

Buschman says it started off as a puddle and then, in a matter of 20 minutes, the water was about 5 feet high and covering up almost an entire swing set.

On Tuesday afternoon, the water was receding but slowly.

“It will actually take a few days; the ground will only soak so much,” Engbarth said.

With the immediate danger over, Engbarth wants to be on the other side.

“I am kind of worried about my animals that are in there,” Engbarth said.

As for the Buschmans, it`s about learning their lesson and preparing for the next flood.

“I think we will buy a boat,” Buschman said.