A new month means a new (and better) weather pattern

SEATTLE – How do you spell relief?


After a month that offered almost nothing but rain, cold and mountain snow, a new weather pattern is on the way, Q13 News chief meteorologist Walter Kelley said Wednesday.

For at least the first 10 days of the new month, we should get weather that’s fairly mild and not as wet as the last 10 days of January.

“I’ll take ‘non-freezing nights’ during February to save a little on the heat bill,” Kelley said.  “Thursday will be the wettest day, but most of it falls late in the day. Thursday evenings commute will be WET.”

Friday has a little rain on tap, but the afternoon looks mostly dry.

The weekend stays damp for the mountains and the coast, but the Seattle metro area will benefit from the rainshadow, so Seattle will get the least rain over the next 10 days.

This weekend ,the passes should stay clear of snow for easier travel. Our high temperatures will head into the mid-50s, which is above normal.