A mix of rain and snow on Snoqualmie Pass creates slushy, dangerous road conditions

SNOQUAULMIE PASS, Wash. --  There is a winter storm at Snoqualmie Pass, and it's anybody’s guess what mother nature will do. It could be a breeze to get over the Pass, or it could take hours, depending on the weather.

Right now, there is snow coming down periodically but it’s very wet and pretty much turning into slush as it hits the ground. It’s definitely not easy to walk in so you can imagine just how hard it could be to drive in as well. Washington State Patrol always advises drivers to slow down and drive for the conditions they are in, which may not be as fast as the speed limit.

A few people told us what they do in situations like this and it was like driving on Snoqualmie Pass tonight.

"We decided not to go through Blewit Pass, we decided to go through Quincy side through Ellensburg. It was pretty bad there,” said Evelina, from Wenatchee.

 "We certainly look at the forecast, that kind of thing. We plan where we’re going to go and also we quite often plan where we might have to stop traveling and stay somewhere," said Michael, who lives in Stanwood.

The main roads were more wet than anything but as more rain comes down and the temperatures drop overnight, we could see some icy and slick road conditions.