Some districts welcome back fans to high school football games

Some districts are able to squeeze a few fans into stadiums for high school football games, while still following the state’s guidelines.

High school football kicked off its third week Friday night. Many stadiums across the region sit empty, during these games, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Families and fans are only able to watch through live streams.

The state allows 200 people in total inside the stadium for games. With players, coaches, cheerleaders, bands, and other officials on the field, capacity fills quickly.

However, with smaller programs, there is a little bit of room to allow spectators in the game.

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"I love looking up and seeing my parents in the stands. It’s a feeling you can’t put into words," said Colton Fleming.

Fleming is a senior at King’s High School and plays on the football team. He says he didn’t even think they would get to play a game this year, due to the pandemic.

He’s happy not only that he gets to play his senior year, but that his parents can cheer him on.

"This season is it for them, and for me to watch my son out there: running around, catching the ball, high fiving, jumping, shoulder bumping with his buddies, the camaraderie and the brotherhood that that creates, you can’t beat that," said Jon Fleming.

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Fleming, Colton’s dad, and was able to watch the game front row and center on the field because he worked the first down marker. 

However, not everyone gets a chance to watch the game inside the stadium.

"I definitely wish I was inside," said Jordyn Tipp. "You get a better view of the game. You get to see the cheerleaders."

Tipp is a junior at King’s High School who, along with a few dozen other students watched the game from outside the stands. Seating inside the stadium Friday night was focused on family members of the athletes.

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Tipp said she hopes restrictions loosen and she and her friends can get back into the stadium before the season ends.

"You’re kind of missing out a little on your high school experience. No one wants that. So, we’re going to do everything we can to get it back," she said.

Lake Washington School District has also announced its plan on welcoming spectators back to games. Like Sultan High School and King’s High School, it relies on open spaces available.

Parents told Q13 News they also have the option to attend North Kitsap’s senior game on Saturday in person.