A gusty and wet night ahead

Good news first, we have gained two hours of daylight since Winter started so we now have 10 hours of daylight per day. More good news for skiers as Mt. Baker has picked up 16 inches over the last 24 hours and all the ski areas will pick up at least another foot tonight into Thursday. Friday should be a perfect ski day. Enjoy. On to the weather forecast for the lowlands. It’ll be breezy to gusty with periods of heavy rain. There will be some isolated thunderstorms. The heaviest rain will be overnight into the morning commute on Thursday. Thursday night will start to dry out and Friday through Sunday will be dry. There will be some morning fog that hangs on tough but most of us will get some sun breaks. The most sun will be at the beach and the mountains. Enjoy. The lows will drop down to freezing over the weekend so it’ll start out chilly. Walter. 2/6/13