A Christmas Story: Thief who stole decorations returns to scene of crime to apologize to homeowner

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- A Port Orchard family says their Christmas spirit has been returned, along with their stolen Christmas decorations.

Someone stole more than a dozen candy cane decorations from Rob Wawrzynski's front lawn last week.

“I had them all along my whole walkway," Wawrzynski  said. "All the way in front of the house and up the driveway.”

The thief didn’t take the most expensive decorations, but Wawrzynski says that wasn't what troubled him.

“Why?” he asked. “Why would they steal anything for Christmas? Why ruin people's Christmas spirit?”

Wawrzynski got a shot of the thief’s face on his surveillance cameras, which he shared with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office and Q13 News.

“I want someone to recognize him, point him out, and tell him to come back over here and apologize to my face," he said when we interviewed him last week.

Wawrzynski got his wish.

He says the thief did knock on his door and say he was sorry. He told Wawrzynski that his friends had recognized him on Q13 News and convinced him to make things right.

"We talked for a bit," says Wawrzynski. "I forgave him for what he did and asked if he needed my help. He said no, all he wanted was my forgiveness."

Wawrzynski said that because of this, "my Christmas will be much brighter."