A 3-year-old girl's quad is stolen, but what happened next is awesome!

SNOHOMISH, Wash. --- Three-year old Zoey Wilde professionally rides a quad.  It's something she has loved to do since she was only 2.  But last Saturday, someone stole her quad out of the back of her family pickup truck.

Her mother, Natalie, said her daughter was devastated.

"She started to cry and (I was) explaining that to her and why there is bad guys ... it was a little difficult because she is 3," Natalie said.

The bike was stolen right before her next race on Friday.  Zoey's parents feared the season was over. Natalie decided to get on Facebook and post a picture of the stolen quad.

The response she got wasn't what she expected.  She got a call from Steve Nelson, who is a co-owner of Nelson Motorsports in Snohomish.  He asked Natalie and Zoey to visit his shop.

"I didn't want this little girl's dreams being crushed," Nelson said.

When they arrived, Nelson showed them a brand new quad and gave it to Zoey for free.

"We weren't coming here thinking we were getting anything from him.  We were just seeing if we could find a quad for Zoey to actually ride," Natalie said.

Nelson didn't think twice about giving Zoey the bike.

"The community needs to stand behind each other, instead of talking about doing something, you do it," Nelson said.

The surprise couldn't come at a better time.  Zoey hopes to win the race Friday.