911 call that shut down Evergreen State College in Olympia was angry, specific

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The 911 call that shut down The Evergreen State Community College in Olympia promised violence.

“I am on my way to Evergreen University now with a 44 magnum I am going to execute as many people on that campus that I can get a hold of you have that what’s going on here you communist scumbag,” the caller said Thursday morning.

The hateful threat immediately prompted administrators shut down the small college, which has an enrollment of nearly 4,200 students.

“I am going to murder as many people as I can just keep your eyes open scumbag,” the caller said.

The call cuts off about 30 seconds in, and for the past two days the FBI and campus police have been trying to identify the voice.

Students say they were in class Thursday morning when a professor abruptly ended the course.

“Students requested to leave campus or go back to the dorms,” said one student.

About 900 students living on campus sheltered in their dorms as law enforcement searched the campus for any signs of danger.

“They thought it was credible enough that they referred it to us and we made a quick decision,” Vice President of College Relations Sandra Kaiser said.

Racial tensions at the college have played out in the national spotlight way before Thursday's 911 threat.

“There is a lot of sensitivity,” Kaiser said.

Last week, a group of 50 students crashed professor Bret Weinstein's class, calling him a racist after the professor spoke out against a demand by some minority students for whites to take part in their 'Day of Absence' from school.

“The stigma of racism was thrown at me, it's preposterous, there is nothing racist about what I said,” Weinstein said.

Traditionally people of color have chosen to leave campus on what's known as the Day of Absence. It's a way to bring awareness to racial inequities but this year some groups suggested that white people leave campus.

Weinstein said the racial targeting was inappropriate

“Nobody should tell another group to leave campus,” Weinstein said.

Investigators have not linked the school’s internal politics to the latest threat, but students say the racial tension on campus is impossible to ignore.

The college was shut down on Thursday, after the threatening call came in, and the school remained closed on Friday. But the school said it had decided to reopen campus on Saturday, which mean weekend classes and all activities will resume as normal.

Law enforcement will be on campus 24/7 to make sure students and staff are safe.