9-year-old boy released from hospital after downtown Seattle shooting

SEATTLE -- A boy who was injured in the downtown Seattle shooting on Wednesday has been released from the hospital.

Nine-year-old Judah was on a field trip with family and friends from Port Orchard when he was shot in the leg.

He was one of seven people injured in the shooting. A 50-year-old woman was killed. 

Erik Larson, a friend of Judah’s family, said that despite the traumatic experience, the boy remained calm.

“One of the police officers that was onsite said he didn’t even cry,” said Larson.

Judah was rushed to Harborview for surgical procedures.

“The bullet pierced his femur, shattering it in places. And the doctors are so good here, they got it put back together like a jigsaw puzzle,” said Larson.

Two people still remain hospitalized after the shooting. A 55-year-old woman remains in serious condition and a 32-year-old man is in satisfactory condition, according to a Harborview Medical Center spokesperson.

Investigators are still searching for two men in connection with the shooting.