86-year-old accordion player spreads smiles during Ballard Seafood Fest

SEATTLE, WA - An 86-year-old man is putting smile on the faces of the Ballard community through music.

This year The Ballard Seafood Festival celebrated it's 45th year of music and food.

For Corky Dragland, he's been in Ballard for all 45 years; in fact Dragland has been around town for nearly twice that long.

"I'm 86. I should be dead; I should be dead but I had to come here and play for the kids," said Dragland.

Sitting on Market Street between dozens of food vendors, Dragland has just his accordion.

"I don't make any money playing the accordion, and they kicked me out of the nursing home," he said.

Hundreds of people pass by Dragland during the festival.

He says whether they stop or not, he's goal with music is simple.

"You can make people happy," said Dragland.