70-year-old woman survives 90 minutes under avalanche snow

KETCHUM, Idaho -- One of four snowmobilers buried in an avalanche in the Sawtooth Mountains was killed, but his wife, a 70-year-old woman, survived after being under the snow for 90 minutes, it was reported Monday.

The Idaho Statesman said the four were buried in an avalanche about 36 miles north of Ketchum Sunday afternoon. Killed was George Martin, 64, of Bellvue, Idaho.  He was buried in the snow for 60 minutes and those at the scene were unable to revive him, the newspaper said.

His wife, Lesley Dianne Martin, 70, also of Bellvue, Idaho, was buried in the snow for 90 minutes but was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries and hypothermia and was listed Monday in good condition, the newspaper said.

"They speculate that she had a pocket of air," Blaine County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Holly Carter told the paper.

The other two buried in the avalanche -- Susan Swanton, 56, and Robert Swanton, 65, of Sutherlin, Ore., were able to dig themselves out of the snow, the Idaho Statesman said.