69 years of Dick’s: Get a burger for just 19 cents this week

Dick’s Drive-In this week is celebrating their 69th anniversary in Seattle, and folks can get their hands on a burger for the original price of just 19 cents.

The fast-food chain was founded in Seattle in 1954 and has largely kept its iconic menu unchanged for nearly seven decades. The first restaurant opened in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood, then the second opened on Broadway in Capitol Hill in 1955—followed by locations in Crown Hill, Lake City, Queen Anne, and nearby towns like Everett, Kent and Bellevue.

Tuesday, Jan. 24, you can get a 19-cent burger from the Wallingford and Capitol Hill location. On Wednesday, Jan. 25, you will need to head to the Lake City, Holman Rd. and Crossroads locations. Finally on Thursday, Jan. 26, the 19-cent burgers will be available in Edmonds, Queen Anne and Kent.

The fast-food chain says there can only be only 19-cent burger per customer, and are only available at the window—so DoorDashing is off the table!

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For more information, visit the Dick’s Drive-In website.