500 people sworn in as US citizens in Seattle: 'I have more opportunities here'

SEATTLE, Wash.,-- Thousands of people are being sworn in as U.S. citizens in naturalization ceremonies across the country.

Right here in Seattle, 500 candidates from more than 80 nations will celebrate Independence Day as Americans, including Kimia Behzad.

“Its like more future, I feel like it’s much better here.”

The American dream is one she has dreamt for years, and on the day of our nation’s independence no less.

“It’s more special than other years, I become a U.S. citizen, part of the country.”

But it wasn’t without years of hard work, and some tears.

“I remember when I entered high school, I started freshman year here. I started crying the first day of school because I couldn’t understand anything.”

Since moving from Iran 5 years ago, Kimia hasn’t wasted her time.

“I left my country because I have more opportunities here."

The 21-year-old has her own business and went to school here in the U.S.

“When I moved here, I got my green card, and then I had to wait for 5 years, then apply for citizenship.”

It is all paying off Thursday, as Kimia and 499 others walked away from the Seattle Center as US citizens.

“It’s like a feeling I cannot really explain, but it actually feels really good.”

Nooruddin Jaffer is a doctor who moved here from India.

“U.S.A is a free country, and it is a democratic country, it has good laws.”

He now teaches our next generation of doctors.

“I left India because my children were here.”

And for many here like Kimia, "being part of America" is a dream.

A dream these 500 people never have to wake up from because the American Dream is now their reality.

Nearly 7,500 people in 110 naturalization ceremonies were sworn in Thursday across the United States.