5 area Union Gospel Mission homeless shelters locked down after confirmed case of coronavirus

BURIEN, Wash. -- Seattle's Union Gospel Mission is locking down five King County shelters for two weeks after a confirmed case of coronavirus at its Riverton Place location in Burien.

The five shelters impacted are:

    The lockdown means that no one can enter or exit any of the five facilities for a 14-day period, with a few exceptions: emergency first responders, the facilities team responding to emergencies, and/or a person who chooses to leave the shelter and not return.

    "We love our homeless brothers and sisters. We feel a great sense of responsibility to protect each one who lives with us and calls the mission home," Union Gospel Mission President Scott Chin said.

    Some staff members have volunteered to live on-site for the next two weeks to make sure the roughly 300 men, women and children who rely on the mission are safe.

    All other program staff not staying on-site will either be assigned to work from home or be temporarily assigned to help at other parts of the Mission. All case managers, chaplains, counselors, and support staff will check in daily with guests via phone to continue support.

    Although the Mission says it cannot accept in-kind donations during the two-week lockdown, it is in dire need of the following:

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