4 teens arrested after man shot in face with paintball gun

LYNNWOOD -- Four teenagers were arrested early Sunday morning after they allegedly shot a man in the face with a paintball gun.

Around 12 a.m., Lynnwood police were stopped by a man in the 19200 block of 196th Street. The man told police he was walking to work when a carload of teens pulled up to him and shot him in the face and chest.

The victim, who is in his 50s, told police he heard laughing coming from the car as it took off.

The man thought he had been shot with a real gun at first, police said. He had visible swelling underneath his eye.

Officers quickly found the suspect vehicle and pulled it over. They spotted a paintball gun inside, police said.

Four teens ranging in ages from 15 to 16 were arrested. They were booked into Denney Juvenile Justice Center for second-degree assault.