35 Marysville teachers laid off due to budget cuts

The Marysville School District announced on Friday that it has sent layoff notices to 35 teachers after voters rejected a pair of school levy extensions that covered up to 18% of the district’s yearly budget.

The Educational program and Operations Levy, and the Technology and Capital Projects Levy – together covering about $26 million in the Marysville School District budget – failed at the polls.

That means district officials will begin making cuts that impact class sizes, nurses, counselors, librarians and support staff. Art and music programs, student athletics and extra-curricular programs are also at risk for cuts.

In response, the district gave 35 teachers "Reduced In Force" notices on May 6. In addition, the district announced it is not replacing retiring teachers and non-continuing contracts. 

The 35 teachers make up roughly 5% of the district's teachers, and it's not only teachers who could be impacted– athletic programs, resource officers and bus routes may also end up on the chopping block. 

The district is looking for ways to cut spending by $13.5 million.