3 contract E.coli after eating at Central District Ethiopian restaurant

SEATTLE -- A third person is said to have contracted E.coli after eating at Ambassel Ethiopian Cuisine & Bar in the Central District, King County health officials announced.

King County Public Health officials forced the restaurant to close March 6 after connecting the restaurant to the E.coli cases and finding seven critical health violations and five non-critical violations. The restaurant is located at 1224 E. Jefferson St.

A health department spokeswoman said the restaurant's owners are working with the agency to correct issues of improperly cleaned raw meat, inadequate hand washing facilities for employees, the uncontrolled presence of insects and rodents, and other issues.

One of the clients stricken with E.coli retained attorney Bill Marler -- Marler represented the woman 20 years ago in the well-known E.coli case against Jack in the Box which resulted in sickening hundreds in the state and contributed to the death of four patrons.