3 campaign finance complaints filed against Tim Eyman

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Anti-tax campaigner Tim Eyman is facing three new complaints about his campaign finance practices.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Monday announced that he has filed complaints in Thurston County Superior Court alleging shoddy accounting and improper disclosure of contributions.

Ferguson says three of Eyman's political committees improperly repaid loans totaling over $1 million received from Eyman and others, failed to disclose the source of more than $100,000 in contributions, and failed to disclose spending on campaign ads and loan interest payments.

Eyman says his committees have tried to follow the law and will work to amend disclosure reports to fix any problems.

The Attorney General's Office filed the complaints Friday, a day after announcing Eyman and his political committees had paid $20,000 in costs related to allegations that they delayed an investigation of campaign-finance practices.

Eyman released a statement Monday morning:

"This year, our committees reported all loans, web videos, and other activities.  After complaints were filed about some of our reports, our committees contacted the PDC asking for help and guidance on how to amend the reports to respond to the complaints.  Our committees subsequently filed amended reports with the help and guidance of the PDC.  We were told this morning that despite our best efforts to follow the help and guidance of the PDC, it is now alleged that the changes made to our amended reports were insufficient.  In response, our committees will once again work toward amending our reports to address any new issues."