250-bed Army field hospital could open next week in Seattle

SEATTLE – Work has been moving quickly at the CenturyLink Convention Center to get a field hospital up and running.

Hundreds of soldiers have scrambled to prepare the location to help relieve a potential surge of patients in Puget Sound area hospitals.

The center will be used to treat patients with unrelated medical issues and relieve the burden on our hospital system dealing with COVID-19.

Nearly 300 soldiers from the 627th Hospital Center spent the past several days building this massive make-shift care center – enough for nearly 250 people.

Military officials say they’re working with our state health department and FEMA putting everything together.

“We’re excited to be here,” said Lt. Col. Jason Hughes. “We’re excited to come to my home state to help the American people.”

In just days, the might of the military set up an entire medical system including patient administration, a lab, x-ray machines, surgery facilities and intensive care.

There is a concern about visitors inadvertently spread of the virus and military officials said a policy is still being developed.

Either way, as long as local hospitals need the extra capacity, the soldiers running this field hospital are prepared to stay as long as it takes.

“We don’t have an exact time frame,” said Col. Laura Elliot. “We’re prepared to stay as long as we are needed.”