20 dumpster fires set in north Seattle neighborhoods since December 21

SEATTLE -- Someone set four more dumpster fires Sunday in Seattle's Phinney Ridge, Ballard and Magnolia neighborhoods.

The fires are the latest in a string of at least 20 fires that have been intentionally set in north Seattle dumpsters since December 21, 2017.

The four newest fires included one that ignited material in a dumpster at 5425 Russell Avenue NW in Old Ballard and 4704 17th Avenue NW. That's a block north of the Burke-Gilman Trail. The two other fires broke out on 2435 33rd Avenue W in the central business district of Magnolia, and in a dumpster behind a Starbucks at 312 N 67th Street in Phinney Ridge.

Those fires follow two other arsons reported on Saturday, including one that flamed up outside two Greenwood restaurants on 300 NW 85th Street. That fire spread to a wall, creating $500 in damages.

"There were some giant flames. So we called the fire department," said restaurant employee Jarod Burkhard.

He told Q13 News the restaurant runs on propane and he was concerned the fire could spread quickly.

The below map shows block locations of recent arson dumpster fires in the Ballard area. If additional fires occur, the locations will be added to the map.