2 women found dead in apartment near UW; 'no outstanding suspects'

SEATTLE – Seattle Police were investigating two young women found dead inside a University District apartment early Tuesday morning.

Police say both were in their 20s, and neighbors say the apartment building is popular with University of Washington students. Seattle Police insisted there was no threat to the public, and put out a statement late Tuesday that "there are no outstanding suspects," an indication that it was likely a murder-suicide.

But early news about the deaths sparked concern with college students.

Police arrived to the building around 9:30 a.m. after a welfare check conducted by property managers found one woman gravely injured. When police got there they found that woman and a second woman dead inside an apartment.

“That’s just really terrifying to hear it’s close to where I am,” said neighbor Anna Cinamon.

“It makes you stop and think, you know, are you really as safe as you think you are?” said neighbor Richard Johnson.

Neighbor after neighbor at the Malloy Apartments shared shock and concern after police announced finding the bodies of two women.

“It’s being classified as a death investigation at this point until we get some additional information,” said SPD Detective Mark Jamieson.

“We heard the sirens upstairs while we were getting ready but we didn’t know what it was,” said neighbor Keya Madhukar.

UW students who live in the building say most of their neighbors also go to the university across the street.

“I’m worried but I trust they’re going to do the best thing to protect everyone in the building,” said Cinamon. “They’ve been really great so far, it’s just kind of scary."

Some told Q13 News they feel safe living in the area.

“It’s pretty secure otherwise, you need a key and everything to go inside,” said Madhukar. “I don’t know what happened.”

But others say the gruesome discovery has them rethinking their daily routine.

“I’m absolutely going to make sure that the doors are locked and that everything like that is in order and use the buddy system,” said Johnson. “It’s really terrifying for sure.”

Police say they won’t be able to confirm the victim’s identities until the county medical examiner completes their investigation.