2 men stabbed in Tacoma on Monday

Tacoma police are investigating after two men were stabbed on Monday afternoon.

According to police, two Asian men, one in his 30s and the other in his 60s, were stabbed in the area of 600 North K Street around 2:17 p.m.

Some call the corner store a corner stone of the community, and they say that’s because of the owners. 

"The guys who run this shop are pillars of the community, literally the nicest people. Why would anyone want to do this to them?" says corner store regular, Sam Brown. 

Regulars tell us the store is run by a father and son, who today got a visit from a customer who supposedly didn’t feel like putting on a mask. "

"They said hey please put on a mask, tried to get him out of the store he wouldn't do it," says witness Chris Matuska. 

"They asked him to put a mask on and he got mad about it and I guess they told him to leave the store, and they escorted him out of the store like they're supposed to and next thing you know all heck hit the fan," says witness Michael Eidemiller. 

Multiple witnesses told us once the father and son got the suspect out of the store-he took out a knife "It was freaky cuz all you'd seen is the motion of it, twice on the kid and then multiple times on the dad…I'm still shaking from it," says Eidemiller. 

On a busy street, in broad daylight, witnesses say the suspect’s behavior was even more chilling by how unphased he seemed by it all, "He almost looked like a normal guy but just decided to pull out a knife and stab somebody over a mask," says Matuska. 

"It freaks me out because it was so blatant. He had no regard for anyone who was watching. He didnt care, it was just like 'oh well I'll just do it and walk away,'" says Eidemiller. 

The suspect walked away and was gone before police or paramedics arrived. Witnesses say the son was stabbed in the stomach, and his father was stabbed in the neck. "I hope he gets charged to fullest, he definitely should be, he deserves to be in jail because he's going to do it to somebody else if he's that quick to do it to people," says Matuska. 

"To me, this is part of my community and I'm tired of it. Theres too much violence in Tacoma-too much," says Eidemiller. 

Tacoma Police haven’t released a suspect description but they say the search for him is very active. they also tell us the two victims are in stable condition at a local hospital. 

This stabbing is another instance of violence in Tacoma in just over 24 hours. Early Sunday morning, tacoma on South Tacoma Way. 

This is a developing story.

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