2 men arrested for allegedly raping Olympia woman in Ocean Shores; third suspect sought

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. -- Two men have been arrested for allegedly raping a 31-year-old Olympia woman in Ocean Shores, police said Monday.

A third suspect is still at large, police said.

The Olympia woman called 911 at about 10:10 p.m. on Saturday asking for help because, she said, she was feeling suicidal. When Ocean Shores officers arrived, they found the woman at a campfire just north of the Chance ala Mer beach approach with two men and another woman. She asked the officers to get her away from the other people there.

Once she was safely away, the woman told officers she had been sexually assaulted by the two men and another man who had left the area before officers arrived. She also said the other woman had watched and had not tried to help her.

"The victim was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for a sexual assault forensic examination," the police news release said. "She suffered injuries that corroborated what she reported to police."

Police said the two men -- both 54 and transients from the Olympia area -- were arrested and booked into the county jail on rape charges. The female suspect was interviewed and released.

The third man has not been identified and was only described as being of Hispanic descent.

The victim said she had only recently met the two men and the woman and traveled to Ocean Shores with them. The unidentified suspect apparently was on the beach and joined the group at their campfire before the assault occurred, police said.