2 Marysville boys find nail, screw in Halloween candy in separate incidents

MARYSVILLE , Wash. – Check the Halloween candy at your house. Two Marysville boys got a trick they never expected -- a nail and a screw found inside their chocolate bars.

The Snickers bar with a nail in it was picked up somewhere near 64th Place NE to 59th Street, not far from the Allen Creek Elementary School.  The screw in the Reese’s cup was possibly gathered somewhere along 60th Place NE.

Both Michael Joel and Malique Crews wore the same costume and now share a similar fate.

“I thought the tear (in the candy package) was just a hole (from) when I dropped my bag,” said 12-year-old Michael Joel.

But beneath the punctured Snickers wrapper was a nail inside the candy bar.

Not far away, Malique Crews explains what happened to him.

“I cracked it in half and then I found it,” said 10-year-old Malique Crews.

It was a small screw hidden inside his Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

“If he would have swallowed that, what damage would that have done to him? I mean, who does that?” asked Malique’s mom, Emily Morth.

It’s the same question Marsyville police want to answer.

“You wonder what are people thinking. Why would you do this?" asked Marysville Police Cmdr. Robb Lamoureux.

Tracking down that person may prove difficult.

“I don’t know what house it was, because I got Snickers from like three houses,” said Joel.

Police say the objects could’ve been slipped inside the chocolate at a house, the grocery store, or manufacturing or shipping plant.  Lamoureux says it’s all hard to trace.

It’s a real bummer for Michael because…

“I don’t wanna find anymore things in my candy; cause candy’s good,” said Joel.

For Malique, his mom says they’re just throwing out all of his candy.

“Basically, I just want parents to be aware of the danger that’s out there,” said Morth.

Some people on social media have asked if this is a hoax or a prank.  Marysville police say they have no reason to doubt either parent.  If you’re checking candy over the coming days and you find something, call police.