2 friends walking to Mariners playoff game from Mill Creek after losing bet

Two friends will be embarking on a journey they once joked about but didn't think would come to fruition walking over 20 miles to To-Mobile Park from Mill Creek to watch the Seattle Mariners in the playoffs

"We were just having lunch and sometimes you talk about ‘what would you do to see your team make the playoffs or win a championship’ or something like that. Would you get a tattoo? Would you shave your head? Just having the Mariners get to the playoffs for the first time in 21 years– ‘I will walk to the game if they do that,’" Aaron Coe recalled of the bet he and Tim Humphrey had made. 

Coe jokingly asked Humphrey to talk him out of it, but Humphrey didn't because he didn't think it would ever come to that.

"We knew there was no chance that they would be making it to a playoff, much less a home playoff series," Humphrey said. "If this actually happens, then we’ll walk to the stadium, figuring the Mariners would not deliver, so it was just a gentleman's bet and I’m not in the habit of not following through on my word." 

The pair decided to roll with it and showed FOX 13 their preparations the night before.

They're bringing water, extra socks, a mini first aid kit, a headlamp and portable phone chargers. 

The aim is to pack light, since they will have a seven to eight hour walk ahead of them. 

"We wanted to get as close to the end of Mill Creek as we could because that was the bet," Coe said. "Right on the edge of Mill Creek-Bothell, and yeah, should lead a good pace. We should be able to do it." 

The pair plan to leave at 5 a.m. on Saturday for the 1:07 p.m. first pitch at T-Mobile Park. They will take the Bothell-Everett Highway and use the Burt-Gilman Trail for most of the 22-24 mile trek. 

While it's an adventurous bet, the pair will get a ride back to Mill Creek. 

If the Mariners win and force a Sunday game, the pair will drive to T-Mobile Park. 

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