12s line the street to welcome Hawks home

Nearly three dozen 12s turned up Sunday night at SeaTac international to welcome the Seahawks back home after a difficult loss to the St. Louis Rams.

There are no fair weather fans in Seattle just die hard 12s, supporting their super bowl champions even in defeat but make no mistake this loss hurts... a lot.

"I think today's loss, It hurt a lot more than Dallas. This is a game we should have won and we came out in the second half and played as hard as we've played all season and to end the game the way we did was really disappointing,” Seahawks fan Eric Kelley said.

The game may have not been pretty but the hawks managed to keep it within reach until the very end but they and the 12s had to stomach a second straight loss.

"We had some slow offense going and defense wasn't stepping up but we have some key injuries you know with our offense and defense so it's kind of making it hard to have a good game when you got all your key players out on the sideline,” Seahawks fan Robert Hart said.

Real 12s know the players take a loss just as hard as the fans do.

We stand with them in victory and in defeat.

"These guys have a lot of pressure on themselves and they put it on themselves so we got to come out here and support them and show them that we still do care. We know this is just a little speed bump,” Seahawks Super Fan Lorin Big Lo Sandretzky said.

"I think it's important when the Hawks lose that we show them the love. Here win, lose it doesn't matter, rain or shine to show the team support and that we're there for them no matter what and I think that goes a long way,” Kelley said.