12s already planning to cheer on Seahawks in Charlotte

SEATTLE - Seahawks fan are trickling back from Minnesota tonight, after witnessing a game that came down to the wire.

"It was crazy," says Karen Galusha.  "I mean the ending was nothing short of a miracle."

"It got a little brutal at the end when we stole the win," adds Ross Rachey.  "But no one shanked me on the way out, so it was a good time."

Many 12s are now looking forward to next Sunday and the game against the Carolina Panthers.  Matt Webster got on his phone and booked a trip to North Carolina this afternoon.

"You never know with airfare or tickets what's going to happen, but I did wait until the end of the game.  I had everything pre-filled, then just clicked purchase as soon as the game was over."

He'd thought about going to the Vikings game this week, but held out hoping the Seahawks would get the chance to face the Panthers.

"I have some close friends who live out in Carolina, so it's a good opportunity for me to go out, see some friends, make the trip and watch my team."

Travel experts say if you want to go to Charlotte for next week's game, you need to book a flight soon.

"The rates are going up," says Steve Danishek.  "From halftime when I checked them to the end of the game to now, some of them have gone up as much as $300."

Prices for roundtrip coach flights range from $650-900.  But you could find a cheaper flight if you go to a different airport and drive to Charlotte.

"Raleigh-Durham is just 140 miles away, and the roundtrip flights there are starting at $300."

Since Matt's friends live in Raleigh, that what he's doing.

"We got airfare roundtrip for $300," he says.  Game tickets I think were $250, so a solid price, definitely a solid price."

Of course, you might have to pay more if you want better seats for the game.  But Matt says you rally can't put a price on the experience of going to the game and cheering for the Hawks in person.

"This is the third away playoff game that I've gone to, and I will remember those for the rest of my life."

Danishek says you can also save some money if you fly out earlier in the week and spend some time in the Carolinas before the game.  He says there is a lot to do there, so fans can make a little vacation out of it.