12 scams of Christmas to be on the lookout for

SEATTLE – You’ve heard of the ’12 days of Christmas,’ but how about the 12 scams of Christmas? Here are a few items on the list from the Better Business Bureau.

-         Watch for e-cards sent with malware. Don’t click on links or download attachments.

-         Watch for counterfeit gifts sold at low prices for what’s supposed to be luxury goods.

-         Watch for anyone selling stolen gift cards

-         Santa scammers, who send a letter directly to your child.

"People will get emails emailed to them or coupons,” David Quinlan with the BBB said. “They download those coupons and it ends up being malware.  And if it's a legitimate business, they think, 'Oh gosh. You know, here's an electronics store.  I just got a coupon and download it.  Now you have to worry about malware in the computer and identity theft."

Experts also advise to watch out for travel scams and when booking flights, never wire money to someone you don’t know. Other common scams, the classic ‘grandparent scam’ where a con artist will pretend to be a stranded grandchild and any sort of romance scam. Also beware of pickpockets while out shopping.