10 Bonney Lake businesses burglarized in after-hours shopping spree

BONNEY LAKE, Wash.  --  Ten businesses in Bonney Lake had doors and windows smashed and shattered after police say a burglar went on an after-hours shopping spree.

Bonney Lake police says Frankie’s Pizza is one of the ten businesses impacted.

“It really takes a toll and doesn’t make anyone feel comfortable coming to work anymore because everything was violated,” says manager, Sam Leighton.

She shared pictures of the pizza shop’s front door, completely shattered; fragments of glass still sprinkled around the entrance on Wednesday.

“He came in and went to the first till that we have because we leave them open. We don’t put money in there and he pulled it out and sat it on the counters.

"Nothing in there so he went in the office and started yanking on the safe door and he left. He was in here for less than a minute,” says Leighton.

Bonney Lake police officers say they are frustrated.

“To see our windows and door boarded up, as police officers, we take pride in this city and we don’t want to see that ever,” says Officer Todd Green.

So far, the images captured on surveillance don’t really make out the suspect’s face.

“We are definitely doing more walkthroughs in the strip malls checking doors at night,” says Officer Green.

Investigators say overall, the suspect didn’t get away with more than a few dollars and some change, but this kind of damage does hit the bottom line for small business.

“It’s not cheap. Especially for small businesses. It’s not something that you want to hear happen or that you want to see happen. So as a community we have to band together and watch out for one another. I mean, we are all one community and we all support each other,” says Guy Maughan, owner of My Closet Envy.

Maughan says he’s upping security measures and being extra vigilant.

“Get a safe and bolt it to the ground and hope for the best. I mean, they didn’t get anything from us, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to get something from somewhere else,” says Leighton.

Investigators believe the suspect is a white male in his late teens to early 20s. They are asking anyone with information to contact the Bonney Lake Police Department.